1 GREENCONE° = 130g less plastic and waste

everwave eliminates plastic and garbage from our planet's waterways. Using special boats and the latest technology, they cleared the waters of over 1,252,048 kg . A budget of €1 is required for each kilo.

We have gotten to know and appreciate everwave and support the project with a net amount of €0.13 per GREENCONE° sold.

10 frequently asked questions

1. Where are the products made?


All of our products are developed and manufactured in Germany. We attach great importance to short delivery routes and a close relationship with producers, designers and raw material traders.

2. What is the idea behind SMOWE°?


As with so many things, here too it was our own demand. We looked around the market and couldn't find a sustainable joint tube that combines quality, design and functionality. Although there were alternatives made of wood, cardboard and metal, they were very massive and relatively expensive.

3. How long does the GREENCONE° last?


To ensure high quality, we test the GREENCONE° under constant stress. For example, we opened and closed it 1111 times, it survived 1111 runs in the dishwasher and withstood temperatures from 110°C to -11°C. The GREENCONE° lasts a very long time and can be used for several years.

4. What materials are in the products?


We work exclusively with biological plastics and also color them with biological granules. The hangtags are made of recycled cardboard and are attached with a hemp ribbon.

5. How do you get plastic and trash out of the ocean?


Plastic in the ocean is a global problem. Every year, over 12 million tons end up in our planet's waters. A few years ago, a small organization from Germany called everwave started using self-built boats to fish plastic and garbage out of the water. We at SMOWE° have committed to passing on €0.13 to everwave for every GREENCONE° sold. In return, everwave removes 130g of plastic and trash from our oceans for every GREENCONE° sold.

6. Can you buy your products somewhere else?


SMOWE° is represented in many online shops and marketplaces. Retailers also have SMOWE° in their range. You can find a list here.

7. How long does shipping and personalization take?


We usually ship every working day. So if your order is received by 6:00 p.m., it will be shipped the same day. However, personalization may take 1-2 business days longer due to individual processing.

9. Are further products planned?


We are constantly working on new concepts and look forward to introducing more products in the near future.

10. How long does personalization last?


The personalization is engraved with a very special laser. The pigments of the paint are changed so much that the writing is recognizable and the surface remains undamaged. The engraving lasts just as long as the whole cone.

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